Tuesday, January 31, 2012

But...I Thought Global Warming Is A Hoax!


  1. Met Office releases new figures which show no warming in 15 years

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2093264/Forget-global-warming--Cycle-25-need-worry-NASA-scientists-right-Thames-freezing-again.html#ixzz1l3eIxjPZ

  2. Plovering, I trust you posted that as snark. The Met Office just issued a statement saying that article DELIBERATELY misrepresented them.


  3. Could have been HAARP...




  5. Wow, I'm really surprised at that last comment Gail, Chemtrails and HAARP are issues just as blatantly obvious as your pollution issues for those that have done the research. Now I think I understand the problem with getting people to understand these issues. If they find it psychologically unnacceptable (too upsetting for their paradigms) it will be instantly disregarded or ridiculed. The fact people can deny chemtrails at this point is beyond hilarious to me(in a sad sort of way of course). It is no less obvious than the pollution issues are to you, though even more effort is put into hiding this than the effects of pollution.

    If you did as much research into these things as you have into the air pollution issue, you may find some things out you rather wouldn't have. You've come a long long way in the last few years in your understanding of exactly how the elite run our society, but there is still a very long way to go. So yeah, let's leave it at goblins for now, no need to go too far down the rabbit hole until you're ready.

  6. I'm still waiting for some real evidence that chemtrails or HAARP exist and are having some impact in the real world. So far, everything I've seen is about as reliable as crop circles from aliens, and UFO's.

    Furthermore, it is incontrovertible that the pollution we spew out every day, from burning coal gas oil and biofuels, is toxic.

    So pardon me while I wait for a reason to think that is all we need to explain the horrible destruction that is evident in the environment.

  7. Gail, beware of anyone throwing "chemtrails" or any such diverting and distracting cultish non provable nonsense into the issue of our common survival. Beware of them.


  8. Keep going Gail,
    Anytime "chemtrails or HAARP" or the like,is brought up, means you are on to something real.
    I see this often. It's a ruse and a distraction. Do not spend one moment of your valuable time responding to them. They compliment your accuracy by trying to distract your efforts.
    Think of these comments like you would gang graffiti or a neighbor's dog pooping on your porch.

  9. I'm not distracting from anything. I've been agreeing with Gail all along. The pollution issue and chemtrail/haarp are not mutually exclusive. Sorry if it came across that way, it is just a very upsetting issue for me. Honestly I cannot imagine how people don't notice the chemtrails and how they could ever call it normal, it is just as obvious to me as the fact the trees are dying.Sorry for my emotional outburst, but you can imagine my frustration. Just imagine how you feel when you see the people walking around completely oblivious to the dying trees.

    I just don't understand why any factors other than pollution must be seen as "a threat" to the pollution theory(facts imo). It is not a one dimensional issue in my opinion, though unfortunately any attempt to suggest such is automatically taken as an attack on the pollution awareness issue, which is unfortunate.

  10. I also have no doubt in my mind the climate is catastrophically out of control, but that being said I do feel that in certain instances when it will benefit certain "parties" technologies are being used to amplify such systems.

  11. The problem I see with the chemtrail theory - and there are people including Plovering that I greatly respect who think it is occurring - is that blaming it is, as windspirit phrased it, a distraction...because even if it is going on (which I should think would be to lessen, not increase the impacts of climate change) it can't be the explanation for ALL the trees dying.

    The same is true for radiation from cell phone towers, another popular notion. Tree decline is just so global, and they're aren't enough planes spraying or cell towers in remote places to account for it.

    So the problem is, the chemtrail theory invites people - maybe not you but lots of people - to not realize the important fact that each and every one of us is contributing to the problem, and it is industrial civilization itself, spawned from a system that values private property and profits above all else - that is the underlying problem, and not a small conspiracy.

    People thought the Gulf oil spill was killing trees - then they thought it was Fukushima. It's much harder to realize is is our lifestyle that is destroying our home.

    Yeah. We're all upset.

  12. Here we go ....... again.


  13. One more time.



    Wake up, please???!!!!


  15. Hey, you're preaching to the choir here. I know these things. I've gone through these realizations that the foundations of our society are nothing more than a machine used to funnel the power into the hands of a few. I realized this many years ago and I'm not here to deny any of that.

    I don't buy the argument that chemtrails could possibly be seen as an excuse by the average person to deny that our lifestyle is killing our planet. If they cannot psychologically accept that our lifestyles are killing us then they certainly will not be willing to even consider that someone is raining down poisons on the planet.(Whether these poisons are a side effect of the main purpose of these I do not claim to know)

    I'm not even going to claim I know what "chemtrails" exact purpose is, only that what I've seen occurring is so far from normal that it is not even a question that something is going on. Most would tend to dismiss the obvious when presented with such a sight, simply based on the fact that it is psychologically too damaging, too paradigm shifting to accept what is being seen. Cognitive dissonance I suppose.

    It is your blog though, and your cause is vitally important, I have no doubt you've figured out a major cause of the decline, and I really don't intend to distract from it so I'll let it go. It's just an issue that gets me really wound up.

    Windspirit, not everyone is a paid government/industry shill. Some of us have just been made aware of some information that has really turned our world upside-down so to speak, and I do not even feel comfortable saying where this information came from. That being said I don't blame your accusation, I know all too well that they hire people to come in and distract/debunk any threats to the status quo.

    I just want to make it known that the rabbit hole goes VERY VERY deep. You have not struck bottom yet, you're just breaking the surface.

  16. Re Chemtrails...I born in 1948 a mile high in Denver, Co. The sky was clear and blue, I know this, because I looked at sky everyday to check.
    A few years later, as US Navy dependent, I went to various airbases where military jets flying high and leaving "condensation" trails in a clear blue sky were a common sight. Then came civilian jet airliners flying at lower altitudes but leaving some "contrails".
    These days, we have thousands of aircraft slice through a sky filled with human caused dust, particulate, the same stuff (one example), created in the desert southwest by off-road vehicles, which falls on high mountain snow pack. To wit, we have millions of tons of new human activity generated air pollution dust in the atmosphere where the thousands of aircraft fly through creating dust disturbing trails, and their shadow trails.
    This is why "trails" are so obvious, plus at high altitude, they are visible from afar. At high altitude, any intentional dispersal of "chem" aerosols would be uncontrollable, and therefore, of little use Government crowd control.
    Ps everyday tire-wear from the millions of cars, trucks, and motorcycles in America, shreds into billions upon billions of aerosol particles that mix with yesterday's tire-wear dust, then the whole mix blows in the wind, and wafts up into the sky. That's only part of the mix... think about the incomplete combustion of the millions of pounds of aviation fuel, think kerosene, that are also part of the "trail".
    Ps I got rid of my car about 12 years, ago. I will never again fly in a motorized airplane.
    That's all for now.


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