Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I haz a Website!

At the behest of Highschooler, a merciless taskmaster, I have been working on a website about the effects of pollution on trees and other vegetation.  What a horrible, painful experience!  There are gremlins and goblins lurking at every edit, making inexplicable, erratic changes...and refusing to accept clear instructions.  AAUUGGGHHH!

Well, it's nowhere near finished, but it does, at least, exist.  Please, take a peak and let me know how you think it can be improved.  One purpose in creating it is to offer information that is more factual and less personal than this blog.  Another is that I realized, when I was doing a google image search for pictures of dead trees, that not one from Wit's End appeared in hundreds of results.

So, I gave the website a very uninspiring, non-poetical name, solely so that it will turn up when people are looking on the intertubes for the reason that trees are dying...as no doubt, more and more will be.


Please visit...and thanks for the audition!


  1. It looks good, Gail, but it's really BIG. I can't read the text without having to scroll sideways :(
    I love your blog, but as someone said in some previous comments, your posts can be EPIC, so a more concise website is a great idea.

  2. Thanks Badlands - I'll try to fix that. The formatting issues are daunting!

  3. This is awesome, because it will provide a quick reference point!

    I agree that it's too big; I had to "control minus" to look at it, and then "control +" when I went back to other sites on my computer.

    Also, (although maybe it's my computer), the pictures are slow to load, so that there's more time with a blank spot than a picture. Maybe not having the picture change would be good.

    Love your book idea, too! We'll get Joe Romm and Bill McKibben to do an intro!

    If it's any consolution, GWEN's site often needs a young techie to update or change it, as we oldsters are befuddled!

  4. For me, in Firefox, the text could have been one size larger. Strange!

    It crashed Firefox 5.0.
    I've heard that the homepage of a website should load in 10 seconds or you've lost your visitor. The pictures load slowly or not at all(fewer pixels with option click to have a higher resolution) on my Mac.

    The color is excellent! The fonts are beautiful.

    The third time I tried it loaded after about five minutes. It was worth the wait!

  5. Thanks everyone for comments. I resized it yesterda. But I don't have time today to fiddle with it (I'm in Philadelphia with Sophie - who passed her vet exams! Dr. Zawacki!!). I may have to switch carriers because I'm not happy with my host!.

  6. Congratulations to Dr. Zawacki!

  7. Mention Bio-resonance to Sophie.

    Vets are making a ton of money with bio-resonance.

  8. Will do, Plovering! She landed an internship for the next year at a hospital for race horses in Lexington - I gather she will be working for a pittance at least for a while.

  9. Looks good, Gail! It will be great to have a one stop shopping source for data o these issues.

  10. Great start, but agree with others the pictures are FAR too large. I don't mean how big they look on-screen, but filesize - several megabytes per image, and several images loading in sequence, slows the homepage to a crawl, and also kills people on limited bandwidth plans like me :(

    Please consider resizing them in photo-editing software, or use this extremely handy site: shrinkpictures.com

    I work as a web developer, and one of the most fundamental rules as far as images go is that the image file itself should have the same dimensions as the "box" in which it's being displayed (i.e. don't try squeezing a 4288 x 2838 image into a 428 x 283 space)

  11. okay I'm going to work on it today and maybe tomorrow but I'm starting to feel like I'll NEVER get it right. After struggling for days Squarespace, the host, finally admitted to me that they have "problems" with slideshows and are planning an update soon.


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