Friday, February 10, 2012

WWF Cavorts in MonsantoLand!

Following is a documentary originally produced in Germany.  The English translations are posted on youtube in four parts, so they are all linked sequentially below.  I'm not sure why they have clock numbers running on the top but ignore them and watch anyway.  Your perception of the world will never be the same - the pillaging villains and their crimes against victims of corporate injustice become ever more stark as the investigation deepens.  There are some heros who brave ostracism and worse.  In the later episodes, pay particular attention to the horrendous condition of the bare crowns of trees apparent from aerial filming.  And if that's not enough to break your heart and enrage you, then later, read this account of a young girl from a Paraguayan tribe kidnapped into domestic slavery, who finally after years, finds her way home.

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