Wednesday, February 15, 2012

There's No Tomorrow (2012)

I don't really like this new movie.  I don't particularly care for the style of animation.  If a target audience is American, they shouldn't have had an Irish narrater (although she's quite good), because Americans typically tune foreigners out.  It's a cultural reflex.  I find it frustrating that although there are other serious threats to agriculture mentioned besides peak oil - including soil loss, nitrogen pollution, eutrophication, and acid rain - ozone isn't, and neither, incredibly, are climate change and rising sea levels.  Inevitably, it has the obligatory absurd "happy" ending without ever recognizing the near-impossibility of "relocalizing" and "powering down" in the midst of a completely degraded ecosystem, record-breaking floods, widespread droughts and increasing incidents of extreme violent weather plus, most importantly, the millions upon millions of starving, migrating, disgruntled urbanites climate refugees well-armed zombie cannibals.  But you know what?  You should absolutely watch it anyway, and share it with everyone you know - especially anyone you love.

Thanks to The Downward Spiral for the link.

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  1. Peak oil is a NWO deception.


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