Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ecopocalypse Now

The enigmatic and ingenious Zorro of environmental activism, FreewayBlogger *, has declared it's time for people to stop driving and I couldn't agree more.  There is a contest on for slogans, with a top prize of $1,000.  You've got until March 15th to submit an entry.  Go to the website if you have an idea, or want to learn how to make and mount your own message!


  1. E-co-poc-a-lypse:
    After much thought about pronunciation.

    meaning quite clear


  2. Ha, I know...right? I had to break it down phonetically several times before it had the right rhythm but once you get it, it has a nice ring!

  3. Almost forgot. I've been walking in the woods and have noticed that the leaf litter is the most beautiful chestnut golden color that I've really never seen before on the woods floor. It's everywhere except in my yard where the leaves are the usual dull brown. Of course we've had a very mild winter.

    It's like the leaves are turning to a brilliant color they should have in the fall when instead they just fell off the trees.

  4. There are definitely changes to leaf litter. I haven't noticed what you describe, but even before I knew about the worst effects of climate change I was annoyed that we had warmer winters and less snow, so it was so much more work to clear out the garden in spring - all the old plant skeletons used to be completely gone, and now, they are still lying around and have to be hauled away before any planting can begin.

    It's too much for me to try to get into soil too but the chemistry and microbes are very complex and that has been altered so that things don't rot the way they used to, and who knows how many insects are gone that helped to decompose them.

  5. Hmmm, that is interesting about the soil. If things aren't breaking down the way they used to then lots of species requiring very mineral rich soil obviously are not long for this world.

  6. There are many soil scientists studying this, I'm sure you can find more than you want to know just by googling! Also, I read that earthworms are an invasive species that have trashed forest soils by altering the natural processes.


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