Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is What Fascism Looks Like

In addition to denying press access to witness the eviction of Zuccotti Park, as well as demanding identification from ordinary citizens to walk on the sidewalks of New York, this is what the NYPD did when one occupier objected to the barricades.  If you had any illusions that we live in a representative democracy governed by Constitutional Law, they should be shattered today.


  1. We are realists. We'll be calling our government "The Police State" until they change.

  2. I was actually disappointed today. Occupy DC's march to the Key Bridge over the Potomac River in support of the OWS evictions was supposed to pass right by my office but failed to materialize. Of course, most of my coworkers were merely relieved that the afternoon commute wasn't disrupted. Grrrr.


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