Thursday, July 1, 2010

FedEx Takes the Fall

Why am I not surprised to learn that the crop damage in Tennessee is being dismissed as a one-time, isolated incident...and that WREG, like all the other media in the US, rather than investigating and reporting, is a passive stenographer even when they know damn well that there is a more to it...since I told them! Isn't it sweet how our enmeshed system of lies, distortion, and suppression is supported and perpetuated by our corporate overlords such that FedEx is willing to take the blame rather than focus on the real culprit for ecosystem collapse - which is our entire way of life and dependence on oil and coal?

WREG helpfully supplies phone numbers so the "relieved" farmers can place claims for losses! Maybe I should call about my ailing trees and garden...

But, how does a jet dumping fuel in Tennessee affect crops in New Jersey, and all the other places where people in the comments reported observing symptoms of exposure to toxins?

"While FedEx admits its jet dumped fuel, the company says it's too soon to tell if the fuel caused the damage. Even after a month of scientific tests, the Department of Agriculture says jet fuel is the most likely cause, but says we may never know.

'Typically, it disperses very quickly,' said Tom Womack with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. 'We did test the corn crop for jet fuel.
Our tests came back negative.'"

Oh, well! I'm too disgusted to comment at length, but there is more trenchant analysis of the slavery of the press to our corporate overlords in my last post, Coyote - and in a couple of recent posts with illuminating comments at Climate Progress, here and here. Actually, several whole books have been published about the ongoing disinformation campaigns aided and abetted by the corporate-owned media, and of course this aforementioned website devoted to it.

The discovery of just how servile and utterly corrupted even top reporters and politicians have become, particularly to the biggest industry in the world - the energy sector - is almost as scary as learning about climate change itself. It really IS 1984.


  1. Gail you are on to a great story that mass media will never touch. It will be interesting to see how they ignore it. Every so often local news will cover a story much better than national. I hope you keep needling them and keep reporting. Coyote is a good familiar. I would go for a badger or a wolverine.

  2. RPauli are you implying I am some sort of witch?

  3. My fingertips knew instantly there would be trouble with those words.

    You divine from leaves.

    Maybe Diva is a better term.


  4. Planes have been dumping fuel since almost the beginning of winged air travel. If the cause of the trouble in and around Memphis was Fed Ex's jet fuel, there would have been similar occurrences reported previously - not only in Memphis, but at other locations where, especially, there are high concentrations of air freight - Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, etc. - in overseas locations - and also in areas where there are large military bases - like Dover. The conclusions reached by the reporters are not only stupid journalism, they are scientifically preposterous.


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