Friday, February 26, 2010

A Pretty Picture

This blog is ostensibly about trees, and why they are dying at an unprecedented clip, thanks to toxic polluting greenhouse gas emissions, from burning fossil and biofuels. But hey, I'm stuck in the snow and so, I digress. Scrolling down will lead to the tree links, but for now, we have a lovely image, with all the rich iridescence of an opal!
Barrier breakdown (Image: ESA)
The Apocadocs have uncovered a doozy this time! Arctic arch failure leads to sea ice exodus. What does that mean, praytell? Apparently, "...the heavy ice traffic leaving the Arctic could lower the salinity of the water enough to affect ocean circulation."

Hmmm let's think. Where have we heard something about Thermohaline Circulation before???

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  1. Yep.. just this week a section of ice shelf the size of a small European nation broke off of Antarctic and is messing up the salinity and currents... read about it in and in British news outlets, but I guess US media - once the greatest cultural force in the world - has now grown tepid and flaccid.


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