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  1. Wonderful indictment and unfortunately all too true if one leaves the spaceship out.

  2. Hello Gail,

    I didn't see a way to contact you so have done so via this comment.

    My name is Eric Peters and like you I advocate and organize for a just and sustainable world. I recently came across your blog and wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you're doing and have shared the page with my contacts.

    I live in the Philadelphia area and work primarily with a grassroots organization called Protecting Our Waters. Please check us out when you get a moment and keep up the fight.

    May we all have a productive year of struggle in 2013. Take care. Eric!/ProtectingOurWaters?fref=ts


  3. Welcome, Eric! I'll take a look at your site. I think there is so much merit in focussing on a local issue, like the Idle No More blockades now in Canada. Really inspiring.

    There used to be a contact address, maybe it got lost because I joined google groups, possibly a big mistake. Aauuughhh. The interwebs drive me crazy. Anyway, I just added my email at the very top of the page. It's always wonderful to hear from other people who are fighting the good fight and I'm delighted to answer any questions.

  4. This is pretty much what Harper and crew are doing in Canada right now.

    Mr. Harper is the oil monarch and he sits on a throne and pretty much has destroyed environmental protection laws.

    Now he is removing constitutionally entrenched treaty rights of First Nations folks so as to speed up environmental destruction by the oil industry (for once the First Nations folks give up their treaty rights the oil industry will frack and drill without restraint). Yeah, the future of the environment in Canada --is here in this cartoon.

    It is only a matter of time before a giant tailings pond sinks us all in Alberta. Too bad the alien ship can't come now and save us from our fate.

  5. True Julie, Canada has turned from comparatively benign to a bit of a monster, not sure how that happened...I guess the $ is just too tempting to pass up. On the other hand the Idle No More movement is pretty exciting!

  6. Waste = debt.
    Debt = suffering.
    Suffering = control.

  7. hi Gail,
    more articles, but no mention of ozone:

    I guess you already said everything you had to say and that is why you rarely publish... I can understand that. I am so discouraged myself.


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