Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A World of Dying Trees


  1. Gail,
    Looks as if Hell and High Water have arrived down under. How sad!
    This see it in the US before long.

  2. "A World of Dying Trees"

    Sounds like the name of a new blog with many years of material. Well maybe not that many years.

  3. Ddesdemona Despair has the story behind these terrifying photos.

  4. Thanks, Gail.
    These are powerful images, of a reality made more horrible with each passing day of carbon-burning-as-usual-climate-change. And subject never makes the front page of news papers, nor was the subject broached during the 2012 imbecilic US presidential debates.
    Burned dead trees = burned dead birds, bees, animals AND THEIR HABITAT.

  5. Hello Gail - Just discovered your blog. I'm sorry it took me so long to find it. It suits my "Doomer" mentality to a tea. My father asked me over the Holidays "Why do you have to focus on the negative? Why can't you see the good in life?" Unable to not reply I retorted: "I would Pop but I think we've managed to murder every last part of life or the living planet." A fight ensued and we eventually retired to our respective corners.

    My father only read two books (other than technical manuals) in his life: "The Detective" (for the dirty parts) and "How to Win Friends & Influence People". The second one became the focus of his life through which he transformed himself into a gifted salesman and made a small fortune selling aluminum awnings in Las Vegas during the 60's & 70's. He loved money above all and what it could do for him and his family. He drove a new car every couple of years. We were the first family in the neighborhood to have a color TV. We had an in-ground pool (which made me immensely popular about the middle of July). Now half a century later the unforeseen has come into view. Thanks!
    Mike Sosebee

  6. Welcome Mike!

    My dad once accused me of "wanting" collapse to happen - I guess because I sort of obsessed! Having been through Paul Chefurka's 5 stages and maybe beyond, I was really horrified. All those nights I sat, grieving and sobbing, facing the certitude that everything I care about is going to end, that my children will almost certainly NOT die peacefully, or of old age...and he thought this is something I want?



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