Monday, May 2, 2011

Two Dogs Eat in a Busy Restaurant

Perhaps eco-catastrophe could have been averted if only we had evolved slightly differently...well I can dream, right?  Dreaming may be all we have left, soon.  Lately I wonder what good it will do to expose the fact that trees are dying from pollution.  We are already ordained to be so, so screwed from economic collapse, resource depletion, and climate change anyway.  Try reading this trenchant analysis by Jeremy Grantham, a pin dropping that is being critiqued from blogs like Decline of the Empire to Climate Progress, originally written by this impeccable source, an: "investor and Co-founder and Chief Investment Strategist of Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo (GMO), a Boston-based asset management firm. GMO is one of the largest managers of such funds in the world, having more than US $107 billion in assets under management as of December 2010. Grantham is regarded as a highly knowledgeable investor in various stock, bond, and commodity markets, and is particularly noted for his prediction of various bubbles." And then in despair, just go ahead and imagine a different world...because, why not?  It might make you laugh.


  1. Here Grantham is speaking about finances:

    "And in another forum he has made the point that it is the generalists, the outlier historians, who will see the danger before the experts. “Seeing these things requires more people with a historical perspective who are more thoughtful and more right-brained — but we end up with an army of left-brained immediate doers. So it’s more or less guaranteed that every time we get an outlying, obscure event that has never happened before in history, they are always going to miss it. And the three or four-dozen-odd characters screaming about it are always going to be ignored.”

    Generalists: quit your screamin'! The others will catch up eventually.

  2. What and enjoyable laugh... nourishing


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