Monday, May 16, 2011

The Evil Twin

The deniers would like to dismiss ocean acidification from anthropogenically generated CO2, just as they dismiss climate change, but it's a bit more difficult and there is a better chance for this parallel crisis to be addressed by policy makers - because unlike damage from extreme weather, the damage to fisheries, particularly the shellfish industry, is unmistakable to producers. Oysters haven't reproduced in the wild on the Pacific northwest for several seasons, and researchers are fast revealing the harm to coral reefs, the nurseries for much life in the sea.  So perhaps there is a tiny chance that the threat of losing a huge percentage of a primary source of food for humans will spur an improvement in public policy.  Meanwhile the effort continues to reveal the paid professional deniers to be dangerous charlatans:

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  1. Nature has many buffers, but she can only stand so much. The oceans naturally absorb excess CO2, but we have been dumping in them for the past 100 years and the threshold has been breeched. While some might say our greatest sins are gay marriage and abortion, I say the extinction of countless innocent bystander species eclipses mythology. So sad.


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