Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yale report

This is an interesting report especially in the context of my latest comment at climateprogress:

“The memorandum called for an emergency package of financial support for tropical forest nations, as the loss of forests is responsible for about 18 per cent of global carbon emissions.” - from the timesonline report, headline above “Global Warming must stay below 2C”. (which can be found here:

There aren’t going to be any tropical forests because the tropical rain patterns are radically different and going to become more erratic. I’m all for conservation but these scientists are suffering from some sort of delusion if they actually think the tropical rain forests - or any forests anywhere - can survive climate change, let alone absorb excess CO2.

Canada already figured out that they can’t claim their boreal forest offsets their carbon output and withdrew the figure from calculations. The boreal forest is now a net emitter of carbon, not a sink.

It’s time to reframe the question and try to figure out how humans can survive climate change.

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