Monday, May 25, 2009

The Garden of the Finzi-Continis

Here are pictures from our holiday weekend, where I relish every pampered moment that remains until TEOTWAWKI.

Thank you Ken, well-known visiting weedy non-native invasive interloper from Saskatchewan, ha ha you think you will defeat us! NO! We are all for lumberjacks who are okay, never mind...thanks for letting me record with ultra precision blossoms in my garden with your fancy macro lens camera!

Here you will find the real Moxie. Panting.

And thank you Dennis and Alice for hosting us on your carriage in bucolic Devon and beautiful sailboat in spectacular spectacular Manhattan harbor.

Thank you Brittany for being the indispensable groom with aplomb.

Thank you Sophie for looking so lovely and helping prepare food and thank you Catherine for lending hat and gloves!

Now for pictures...

None of dead trees although there are many to see. As I wrote this, two interesting things happened. A hummingbird whirred over my head and feasted on flowers on the patio. And a huge branch fell off the pin oak and landed in the lawn with a deafening crash.

Time to feed horses and collect eggs. Brother Bob, who is in the hospital with knee-replacement surgery complications, be well, hang in there!

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