Tuesday, May 26, 2009

comment to climateprogress.org

"Why future Katrinas and Gustavs will be MUCH worse at landfall, Part Deux"

"We are stuck with a fair amount of warming over the next few decades no matter what we do."

Worth reading the whole post, to which I said:

From what I've read, here and elsewhere, this is indubitably correct.

The question is, how much warming, and how much more will be the contributions of the positive feedbacks that result from the inevitable "fair" amount of warming? How volatile will climate chaos be, from big fierce storms to the slowing of ocean currents, perhaps?

Of course, I believe no matter what, we must persevere in efforts to mitigate, and seek technological solutions, demand governments mandate reductions in carbon emissions, insist that the worst emitters help the less fortunate in developing countries who are most vulnerable to the adverse consequences of climate change.

But..but..but...I am interested in learning, just how much out-of-control warming are we already poised to endure? Should I dig a bunker and scrape together the money for a machine gun? Buy several year's worth of freeze-dried food and bottled water? Beg my children to give up their higher education and take a crash course in basic agriculture?

When even the experts, the scientists, seem overwhelmed by their own predictions, it's hard for ordinary folks to know what to think.

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