Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May pictures

Here are pictures following my lunch with Moxie. They start out right in the parking lot and the rest are all within a ten minute drive of the restaurant - I could have photographed many more examples. The symptoms of decline (aka assured death within at the most a few more seasons) are, for conifers, being able to see through to the other side and for evergreen shrubs - yew or boxwood for example - brown leaves, and for deciduous trees, branches without leaves.

This grieves me constantly. I wish I didn't know enough or care enough about trees to have noticed what is happening to them, which then led me to investigate the cause and to discover that the problem is far, far worse than I ever dreamed. I truly wish I could go back to the blissful illusion that I and my loved ones, here in New Jersey, would somehow escape the species annihilation that will likely accompany the worst effects of climate change.

Yes, I wish that I was blind and ignorant enough to think NOW is a swell opportunity to buy Stuart Weissman shoes, never before on sale until now, at Bergdorf's!

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