Saturday, May 9, 2009

The British Invasion

Last summer my friends Roger and Nicky came from London to visit, with their daughter Lyla and her band. I called it the British Invasion. After they returned home I found out they had renamed their band "Oldwick" and produced this lovely video, part of which was filmed in my garden. Thank you Oldwick, I love you!

A little bit more about the visit is to be found here, with pictures of the kids on Moxie's boat:

And for you who have a horticultural bent, visit Roger's websites, and!

How do I know the ecosystem is in peril? I have been hunting mushrooms for over 30 years. The incomparably delicious morels, that were so plentiful in the woods adjacent to my house that I traded them for free dinners at a fancy (now defunct) restaurant, have disappeared. It's not just happening here. You can read about it - mushrooms are not only scarcer, but the average size is smaller. Also, I have been walking the same route, for peace of mind and exercise, several times a week, about 8 miles round trip. I know the trees along the way, and I can see how they have changed over almost 30 years, and it isn't for the better. I have stopped walking. It's too depressing, like surveying the corpses at a morgue.

Now here are pictures of some of the critters at Wit's End, another kind of wisteria, and evidence that there will be strawberries soon!

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