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****The Motherlode:

****ICP Vegetation Annual Report for 2012/2013 - written by the Working Group on Effects of the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution for the International Cooperative Programme on Effects of Air Pollution on Natural Vegetation and Crops.

****EPA first draft report, 3/2011 - Integrated Science Assessment for Ozone and Related Photochemical Oxidants, vegetation starts at 2.7  (their descriptive webpage First External Review here)

****EPA second draft, 9/2011 links to all pdf chapters, + enormous bibliography
****EPA final draft 2/2013
EPA Secondary (vegetation) Ozone NAAQS Evaluation, exerpted here

EPA draft summary, Feb. 2014 for ozone standards

[I've saved EPA reports to google docs as well:  EPA first draft Chapter 11 - uploaded to google docs
Entire First Draft 3/2011 and Entire Second Draft 9/2011 , plus
an alphabetical by author list of links to studies or direct download with a warning that can be ignored]

***Potter et al, NASA sattelite confirmation of widespread dieback of Eastern US vegetation, linked and discussed here:

*****Wittig et al, Quantifying the impact of current and future tropospheric ozone on tree biomass, growth, physiology and biochemistry: a quantitative meta-analysis; 2009 Global Change Biology

***Fishman, Jack book titled "Global Alert", excerpted here

*** 2011 GlobalChangeBiology paper: "Tree Mortality in the eastern and central United States" by Dietze & Moorcroft - concludes pollution is the main driver, excerpted and linked here

Sitch, Cox et al 2007, Nature: Indirect radiative forcing of climate change through ozone effects on the land-carbon sink

Interview with John Reilly of MIT, about his paper in Energy Policy:
2007  - Global Economic Effects of Changes in crops, pasture, and forests due to changing climate, carbon dioxide, and ozone

Important links to updates on new research about human health improved by trees absorbing pollution here:

Wit's End photos of foliar damage from
A Land Imperiled, The Declining Health of the Southern Appalachian Bioregion, book by John Nolt
NYTimes article, Japan's trees dying from pollution
Air Quality tracking in Western Mountains, USFS Musselman, ozone highly toxic to plants
USFS 2013 update of above research "Ozone Pollution Threatens Remote Forests"
Ozone Threat to Food Security, Emberson paper
ICP Report 2011 - Ozone Invisible Threat to Food Security
Insect attacking almost 300 species of trees in CA, 2014
a succinct  blogpost on the problem of reactive nitrogen
Tropospheric ozone: A continuing threat to global forests?, 2003 paper in ScienceDirect
China's emissions rising 2012, esp. nitrous oxides
Long-Range Transport of Ozone from Asia, Lin et al, 2012
Climate Change impacts underestimated, UK Guardian article, 2/2011, Kevin Anderson
Presentation from Kevin Anderson, Climate Change...Going Beyond Dangerous
Synthesis Report for UNEP from Blue Planet prize winners 2/2012 EMERGENCY!
Acidification of the Earth - Rice, Karen uploaded to google docs
Guardian article about above report, Civilization Faces Perfect Storm
Nine Boundaries
Ozone in the Sierra Nevadas, phototoxic plant damage
Article 2006 Daily Star, Bangladesh - pollution destroying forests worldwide
Joshua Trees unprecedented blooming from stress
NASA's Earth Observatory, The Ozone We Breathe
NASA's webpage "Pollution Train" carries ozone to Southern Hemisphere
ICP Report:  Evidence of Widespread Ozone Damage to Vegetation in Europe to 2006
ICP Home page - International Cooperative Programme on Effects of Air Pollution on Natural Vegetation and Crops
ICP Annual Report 2009-10
Daniel Jacob slides on ozone
UK Telegraph article, What is Killing Britain's Trees?
UK Telegraph - road salt killing potentially thousands of trees
British spring delayed - fewer flowers
Eucalyptus dying in Australia
Trees dying in Hawaii
Article about conference Feb. 2011
article about UNEP report
Wit'sEnd excerpts of UNEP reports
UNEP Book:  Air Pollution
Lichen Bioindicator Study, by Sarah Jovan
Tropospheric Ozone, a Growing Threat 2006 report from Japan
US Forest Service Inventory and Analysis 2010 draft report (see page 40)
Elementary School planning guide:  No Littering O-zone - How it affects tree growth
April 2011 article in Discover:  Made in China - Our Toxic, Imported Air Pollution
Bee decline now global, linked to air pollution decreasing scent of flowers
Curriculum vitae of Daniel J. Jacob, Harvard, with pdf links to his research on atmospheric chemistry
Educational materials for Dr. Jacob's course
Role of Tropospheric ozone in climate change, Shindell, Hansen et al
Amazon still brown even after rain returns
Biofuel combustion chemistry more complex than gasoline - Lawrence Livermore Lab
kudzu strangling trees
shift in boreal forest
Obama administration to increase production of biofuel
USDA ozone bioindicators, Forest Service, biomonitoring, Gretchen Smith
caterpillars gone wild eating white oak leaves in Georgia
Ozone effects report from Heinz
Ozone effects on agriculture etc, Booker et al
video about FACE - higher ozone = more insects (earlier link to UK Guardian disabled)
SoyFace experiments - ozone reduces yield
2011 research from Sweden from Science Daily - ozone will stunt plant growth as temperatures rise
1999 Book - Environmental Pollution and Plant Responses - esp. Chapter 9
Mount Bachelor Observatory - long range transport of pollution
****EPA Science Advisory Board report on Reactive Nitrogen August 2011
Biomonitoring by Bell et al
Dr. Gideon Polya article about emissions from natural gas
DOE webpage on biofuel emissions
Pests of native California conifers (book) - ozone section
MSNBC - ozone damages plants, article
Swedish research - climate change will increase ozone damage to plants and trees
******NE-1013 - USDA program to investigate ozone effect on vegetation
Impacts of ozone on China's forests
Ozone-induced cell death, from EuroSylva book, chapter starts p. 81
Apoptosis in plants
Forest Dieback in Croatia
****Air Pollution increases forest susceptibility to wildfire USFS
Long-Range TransBoundary Air Pollution - HTAP
HTAP 2010 report
Forest Health Monitoring 2009 National Technical Report
Forest Health Monitoring 2010 National Technical Report
NYTimes article - with death of forests, key carbon sink lost 10/1/11, Wit's End post
NYTimespost - Dying Forests, how bad is it really?  10/3/11
USDA-FS National Report on Sustainable Forests—2010
Environmental Pollution and Plant Responses - book -  tree deaths & mudslides Brazil (
Nitrogen cascade - worst environmental disaster you've never heard of, Townsend, post: Wit's End
North American Nitrogen Center - 5 year project funded by NSF
USFS Forest Health Data portal
Issues in Ecology Fall 2011 issue - Air Pollution Thresholds to protect and restore ecosystems
A global overview of drought and heat-induced tree mortality reveals emerging climate
change risks for forests
the nitrogen cascade, Robert Socolaw, Princeton
Reactive Nitrogen 2007 report from UNEP
EPA Science Advisory Board August 2011 Report:  Reactive Nitrogen in the US
UNEP & Woods Hole review, Reactive Nitrogen in the Environment
Risk Map/Data USDA FS
2007 Aerial Data Map
2009 Widespread Tree Mortality in the western US
Civil Society Institute memo on methane release [note:  methane is an oxone precursor]
Arctic Methane Emergency Group website
CEC - Ground Level Ozone report
UK MailOnline article - transboundary pollution causing crop yields loss based on this
Princeton paper 2012 transboundary pollution causing crop yield loss
National Park Service report Air Quality 2009
2011 Sept. CA Air Q Report:  declining in National Parks based on this
Code Red appeal to Congress from NP Conservation Asso - ozone up for last 3 yrs
Greater Yellowstone Area workshop 2011 NPS air quality
Common Dreams article Wyoming group to sue EPA over non-attainment status 2011
Issues in Ecology Winter 2012 edition Excess Nitrogen in US Environment
Big Trees in Trouble by Wm. Laurance and Wit's End blogpost
2007 Study, Decelerating Growth in Tropical Trees
Peng paper, Increase in Mortality across Canada's Boreal Forest
Peng paper, version 2, different emphasis, Wit's End post
Harvard, Increasing Background Ozone in US, 2000
Civil Society memo, methane leaks 2012
Prof. Wofsy, Harvard Forest growing strong! see post linked above
1982, Effects of Air Pollutants on Agriculture and Forestry
1983, Quantifying effects of oxidant air pollutants on agricultural crops
1986, US EPA The impact of ozone on agriculture and its consequences
1987, U CA, Air Pollutant Yield-loss Assessment for four vegetable crops
1989 Germany, Current Knowledge of Ozone on Vegetation/Forest Effects and Emerging Issues
1993 Pakistan, Air Pollution and its Impacts on Wheat Yield in Pakistan Punjab
2000, Evidence of Ozone-Induced adverse effects on crops in the Mediterranean region
2007, Woods Hole & MIT, Impacts of Ozone on Trees and Crops
2008, The global impact of ozone on agricultural crop yields under current & future AQ legislation
2010, Princeton, Global crop yield reductions due to surface ozone exposure: 1, losses & economic damage (full contents)
2010, Princeton, Global crop yield reductions: 2, under future projected scenarios (full contents)
2010 Greece, Economic damages of ozone air pollution to crops using combined AQ & GIS modeling
2010 NASA, An investigation of widespread ozone damage to soybean crop in upper midwest
Reactive Nitrogen in the Environment (maybe a duplicate?) UNEP, Woods Hole, 2007
Forest Service Report - Ozone biomonitering in CA
Asia Center for Air Pollution Research website
EPA Air Quality Criteria
Impact of Surface Ozone on crops in Asia, from Princeton 2004
Forest Service request for funding to study synergistic effects of ozone and nitric acid on liches
Mark Jacobson book Fundamentals of Atmospheric Modelling
Effects of Acid Deposition on Crops and Forests, JNB Bell
Loucks, Orie - NAPAP - hijacking of forest research by industry & politicians
Biofuel Combustion emissions
Royal Society paper:  Highly contrasting effects of different climate forcing agents on terrestrial ecosystem services
CEC (Commission For Environmental Cooperation) report on ozone

Bartlett Tree Services research on ozone effects to plants

Eastern Forest Threat Assessment Ozone page (Ground level ozone is considered the most pervasive air pollutant world-wide, and a serious threat to the conservation and sustainability of world forests.)

Textbooks on Google:

Molecular Ecotoxicology of Plants

Forest Decline and Ozone

Environmental Pollution and Plant Responses

Ozone Biomonitering:

Hands on the Land description plus links, Welcome to the O-Zone

Ozone effects on Human Health:

European Heat Wave 2003, role of ozone
Air Pollution leads to heart attacks
Exposure to ozone lowers worker productivity


In their new study, Kelly and his colleagues suggest that inflammation in the brain could create a perfect storm in which cholesterol and lipids react with ozone and other inflammatory chemicals to produce abnormal reactive metabolites, which, in turn, modify the folding of normal amyloid beta protein. These modified amyloid beta proteins can catalyze misfolding in other unmodified amyloid beta proteins, starting an avalanche of misfolding that results -- perhaps years or decades later -- in Alzheimer's disease.

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