Monday, May 11, 2009

A mother bird, and scenery

Okay, here we have pictures of a couple representatives of the legions of damaged trees that are unable to produce a full complement of leaves. And also, an overview of scenery that is just, at least from a distance, gorgeous, still for now. It didn't show up in my camera, but the sky was wildly pink and violet.

And that little robin I saw earlier today? She is building a nest in the eaves of the barn. Every morning and evening when I go out to feed the Danny and Pipsqueak, she gets miffed and flaps indignantly out to a fence post where she surveys my activities, disapprovingly. I used to think robins were tedious and ordinary as daisies, and I only got excited when I spotted something more colorful, like a bluebird, or exotic, like a Baltimore Oriole or an Indigo Bunting or Scarlet Tanager, or a hummingbird. Now I am grateful for every and each bird that is still alive. Each life is of value, and they are diminishing at an alarming rate.
Happy Mother's Day, Robin Lady.

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