Sunday, May 3, 2009

a post today at

The discussion was about how to reach people with a message that will resonate better than the labels "global warming" or "climate change"

my comment:

I just ordered Fred Pearce’s “With Speed and Violence: Why Scientists Fear Tipping Points in Climate Change” and I’m, um, looking forward to reading it, I guess!

Susan wasn’t it you who said softening the science is like telling a lung cancer patient he has a bad cough? That’s an excellent analogy.

I still like “climate chaos” because I think it implicitly contradicts the denier point - but it was cold in Michigan this winter! People need to understand that average temperature rise does not equate with even temperature rise, and that weather will make unpredictable shifts because of it. “Climate chaos” has a visceral impact and connects extreme weather events that do get a lot of media attention but not, so far, the connection to global warming/climate change.

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