Monday, May 4, 2009


I removed the links to pictures on my facebook page because they weren't working - if you care to see my tree albums, you can see them there.

When I get a chance this week I will take some more photos and past them onto this blog. Now that most trees have leafed out, it's clear many are not going to - particularly sycamore, which is tragic. They are one of the most beautiful trees, with their white bark mottled with greys and greens. I love watching the colors of sunset reflected from the smooth trunks. Also completely dead is a long row of osage orange trees on my road. I used to collect the huge bright green, round fruits with my kids in the fall and use them in autumn decorations. They have fascinating bumps and look sort of like something that fell from outer space.

I will leave with this recommended read. If you like it, mosey around his website and check out his current post, about the flu, and chickens.

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