Koch-Funded Organizations Launch New Campaign To Protect Big Oil Profits

The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party - NY Times
"The Koch brothers agenda is morphing into the Republican agenda. "Their program opposes a federal deficit, but has no objection to running up trillions in red ink in tax cuts to corporations and the superrich; apologizes to corporate malefactors like BP and derides money put in escrow for oil spill victims as a slush fund; opposes the extension of unemployment benefits; and calls for a freeze on federal regulations in an era when abuses in the oil, financial, mining, pharmaceutical and even egg industries (among others) have been outrageous."
Oil company owned by Tea Party's billionaire brothers gives $1 million to fight California's climate change law, from the San Jose Mercury News.
Koch Industries Funds Attack on Science Linking Formaldehyde and Cancer.

Voter Beware: Concentrated Corporate Power Is Creating Deceptive Elections.

Even more, ruminations by Professor Coyne on the deceptive Koch exhibit about evolution at the Smithsonian.

Greenpeace unveils the role of Bill Koch, the other brother, in opposition to Cape Wind clean energy
anna's link, and a catalog of Koch Industries millions to fund climate denial front groups and think tanks

The "Boycottkochbrothers" blog, with many links and real-time updates

Kochtupus uses the money to influence energy policies in Canada

Advance news about Rancho Mirage protest and Supreme Court Justices' links to Koch

Cato Institute, founded by Koch, is deceptive about source of funding, UK Guardian article

Terrific graphic timeline of Koch family from the John Birch Society to Rancho Mirage "Quarantine" action.

Visit Wit's End again soon for photos from the action on Sunday, up as soon as I can post them!