Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Breeze...or a Typhoon?

This video produced by Nick Breeze, which I saw linked at the impeccably produced weekly show, RadioEcoshock, is too well done not to share - for anyone wondering whether the future is still within our control, it is essential viewing.  It is probably the most valuable explanation I have ever seen as to how hopeless the prospects are for preserving a habitable climate, given the unrealistic projections regarding emission reductions and removal.  This would be true even without assumptions that trees will continue to absorb CO2.  My comment, of course was - Trees of all species are dying prematurely right now, all over the world, well in advance of intolerable temperature rise. Nitrogen precursors leading to ozone pollution are invisible - but highly toxic to vegetation. We are losing the forest sink already and this is going to rapidly accelerate the climate change predicted by models, because none of them take pollution into account - with link to my video, The Silent War on Trees).

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