Sunday, October 2, 2016

An audition for Apocalypse, The Musical

Thanks for the memory
Of butterfly and bird
Whose songs we barely heard
Our propensity for multiplicity
Our egos so absurd
How selfish it was

Thanks for the memory
Of nature that we spoiled
How determinedly we toiled
For acid seas And dying trees
Stewardship we foiled
How greedy it was

We thought we were the crown of creation
Or at least the pinnacle of evolution
We wonder if we’ve destroyed it
That’s extinction I guess
There’s no redress

Thanks for the memory
Of atmospheric pollution
Of climatic dissolution
And delicious megafauna
Who knew of any limitation?
Thanks Earth, so much

Thanks for the emptiness
Of hope that springs eternal
Ignorance infernal
Absurd WooWoo Tribal ballyhoo
Escape from the paternal
How meaningless it was

Thanks for the fantasy
Of free will inspiration
When biological determination
Lacking any shame
We’re all to blame
A divine abomination

We thought that agriculture
And our marvelous innovations
Made us homo sapiens sapiens
But our consciousness
Made mockery of us

Strictly entre nous
We Doomours are so blue
To think of all Our children’s dreams
That never will come true
Awfully glad Gaia we met you
Even though we’re through
Thank you
Thank you so much

~ The Three Doomours

With fond thanks, gratitude and apologies to the inimitable original...


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