Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to fiddle while Rome burns

I just came across this bit of news, which nicely melds several areas of interest to me.

Also, it appears to me that people (if there are any) who read my blog cannot simply click on a link, maybe they have to copy and paste it into their browser? Cause I don't know how to do it any differently so, hey, it sux for you! No kidding, I'll try to figure it out. Just uploading photos last night took an eternity so I truncated the effort of trees, maybe another time.

Anyhoo, (as one of my 3 followers says - Leda, thank you and your artwork is dazzling!)

This bit of flooding brings to mind last night, when we had a downpour but hey not that much actual rain, and yet, severe flooding resulted. I was woken at 3 am with the noise of the Cold Brook rushing rather closer than comfort to my pillow. This is probably just fanciful paranoia but, maybe, the ground is so parched and impervious - kinda like old oatmeal - that the rain is just rushing over the surface.

Which brings me to a related impulse, towards humor, for sanity.

I came across that bit of news reading an Alaska blog that for the most part, arose and continues thanks to Sara Palin.

Please understand. I am one of her biggest fans. Her spectacular mendacity and self-serving fundamentalist ideology are the source of 2 things that are important to me, and they are corollated:

1. She is single-handedly destroying any credibility that remains for "conservatives"

and 2. Her soap-opera phony pregnancy is just, funnier than fiction could ever be!

So, I'm going to list a few Alaska sites that I follow on a regular basis, for vicarious thrills and jollies, although there are several others, which can usually be located on these websites as the pajama-clad, parental-basement dwellers often reference each other...

And might I add, for the most phenomenal and ludicrous snark, make a regular drive by at

Sorry anyone digitally challenged will have to do the cut and paste.

But srsly, it will be worth it. MUST HAVE FUNNIES.

Tomorrow I will try to think of something original to say. Today it was too late when I got home to take any pretty pictures of the garden, I had to feed the horses and collect the eggs in the dark.

But on the way home I snapped a few pictures of a glorious moon. This reminds me that the universe is going to get along, just fine, unperturbed, by us idiotic human gluttons.

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