Tuesday, July 17, 2012


RAMPS stands for Radical Action for Mountain People's Survival.  This organization fights the horrible practice of mountaintop removal to extract coal.  If you've never seen pictures or videos of this monstrous travesty, you can't imagine how obscenely destructive it is.

RAMPS is planning a week-long training this summer which will culminate in a physical intervention to halt mining.  Even though their name says Mountain People's Survival, actually, it is critical to stop coal for all of us to survive.  The direct damage from mining is destroying the forests and causing cancer epidemics locally in Appalachia - while the emissions from coal burning plants are killing trees and making people sick quite literally everywhere.  The group is closely aligned with Earth First, anti-fracking, and other environmental groups committed to direct action.

So after a certain amount of dithering I decided I do want to drive to southern West Virginia for the week, especially because there are (so far) two other protesters in New York who need a ride.  The main reason I have hesitated is because it will cost me money (that I don't have!) for gas, food, housing (I don't have equipment for camping, and I'm getting a bit old for that sort of thing anyway), and pet setting while I'm gone - and quite likely I will need bail.  So, even though it's very embarrassing, I am reluctantly asking for financial help from anyone who supports this cause but can't go personally.

If you feel inspired to contribute towards expenses, please click on the paypal button below  - or you can snailmail to PO Box 347, Oldwick, NJ 08858.

THANKS!  Any amount will be hugely appreciated.  I'll be posting at Wit's End while I'm there, if I can get internet access - which is not guaranteed, in which case, I'll upload pictures and video afterwards.


  1. Gail,
    You're rapidly moving farther up in the ranks of good people that I highly respect and admire.

    To wit: 1) You see a problem, 2) You do research to investigate it, 3) You work to enlighten others about the problem, 4) You report on what others are doing, or not doing, about the problem, and 5) You take action to fight/solve the problem. What's not to love?

    May the forces of good be with you. We'll be with you in spirit, and will send a note of thanks.


    P.S. Gave a copy of your wonderful new book to Geneva today.

  2. Here in the Southern Appalachians, ramps are also a wild onion that one eats with BBQ. I am glad the local folks are finally realizing the promised wage slave jobs offered by big coal are nothing compared to the ruined communities left behind. Thank you for posting this important piece.

  3. I lived in West Virginia from ages 2 to 12. The abysmal poverty has haunted me ever since. It is just like The Hunger Games - people enslaved and crushed.


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