Thursday, May 17, 2012



  1. he never let yoko speak when he is there. year after year. she can only speak in the video when he is dead. it is so obvious in front of the journalists at one point. she speaks and nobody listen to her. nothing new under the patriarchal sky...

  2. hi Gail,
    not a word about ozone. and not a word of course about the change in sunlight caused by aiplane traffic that has been documented on a French site in france since many many years for massively killing bees (and also contributing to aggravate ozone and killing trees). the sky is about to fall on our heads.
    I also have a question: with all the place that the CO2 and methane and all are taking in the atmosphere, are these replacing some other gazes? like oxygen for example? or filling the air with recombined unbreathable combinations? or is the atmosphere just expanding?

  3. Hi Michele - it's funny what you said about Yoko - I hadn't thought of it that way (of course, you're right) but I was just enjoying hearing from her perspective.

    CO2, ozone and methane are measured in ppm or ppb because they are trace gases - really tiny compared to the rest of the atmosphere which is mostly nitrogen and oxygen. So even as we add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere it probably doesn't make a significant change in the overall volume, which thins gradually with altitude anyway. wiki has more:

  4. Worthy site.

  5. Thanks Plovering, it is a wonderful site, and will keep me busy!


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