Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Great Vampire Squid Has Tentacles Everywhere

Photos of the imminent threat to security and commerce posed by the sodden but spirited protesters are from Joe Colchic.
From Gayle Price, before the deluge:

Outside on the waterfront promenade below, dozens of Wall Street Occupiers protested the Great Vampire Squid Goldman Sachs shareholders' meeting, by peacefully playing music and chanting in support of low-wage slaves - oops, sorry, workers.  When a sudden, heavy outburst deluged the assembly they ran for refuge under the portico of Barclay's Bank.

Even though it was raining so heavily not a single person was to be seen attempting to gain access to the entrance, Barclay's complained to the Jersey City Police, who were forced then to also become drenched and inform the sodden citizens that, with umbrellas, or sans (the new version of sans-culottes!), they would have to wade out into the flooded streets and seek shelter elsewhere.  That included media with unprotected equipment, despite their objections.

Barclay's would be justifiably denounced for treating dogs so callously but then again, if the right wing 1% is anything like their chosen silver-spooned leader, Romney, that's nothing new.

Shame on these vicious, paranoid oiligarchs.

Update! From the HuffPo, and if you're not familiar with how this works the explanation is here.


  1. Radiohead Reckoner video
    (animation: watch the gas coming out of the cityscape destroying the natural world.)


  2. "Progress in eliminating haze in our air is hidden from American minds by the haze in environmental reporting."



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