Sunday, May 27, 2012

Make A Racket!

On Thursday when I brought my tambourine to the Occupy protest at Goldman Sachs in Jersey City, I was awarded the highest accolade - an official, silkscreened Occupy Guitarmy armband!
The first time I joined the Drum Circle, I learned that it's ever so much more fun to make noise in a protest than just walk quietly, even if I haven't got any musical talent to speak of - so I was delighted and honored to have finally passed the audition.  This wonderful video from Quebec, where people are demonstrating against emergency law Bill 78, is in the finest tradition.


  1. good sun day gail,
    every night now, hundreds/thousands of people, young, old, entire families are walking in the most improbable streets everywhere in the city and we can hear the sound of the spoons banging casseroles sometimes for hours, all against the special law that forbids more that 50 persons to assemble and against many more issues that are very disturbing. But as i watched them passing under my windows yesterday night, I could not but think that they did not realize they are literally walking under hundreds/thousands of dying trees. So I went later for a walk and talk with the trees that can not move from where they were born and have the grace to agonize with so little drama, that we do not even notice their demise.
    love, as always

  2. I know, Michele, it is unbearable. I had a dream a few nights ago that I was going to live in a house by the ocean. The only thing visible from the windows was water, to the horizon. No trees anywhere. I woke up so happy! I hurts to look at them.

    Grab a pot and spoon and get out and bang! It's very cathartic - it will make you feel better at least for a little while.

  3. I am past feeling better for a little while...

  4. Yeah well, I take what I can get. It ain't much though, I agree.


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