Sunday, May 27, 2012

An Immodest Proposal

Since it's a holiday weekend, I figure hardly anybody is going to be interested in learning about how trees are dying from air pollution, or that climate change is going to render most if not all of our planet uninhabitable - so I'll save the newest evidence for later.  Meanwhile, this totally adorable video literally made me cry, so get out the hanky and enjoy!


  1. Hurrah! Now that was fun.

    Marriage is good. I hope to introduce people to "my first wife" for another twenty years of butter or verse. ;)

  2. While such things are still possible, there must still be hope for us stupid humans.


  3. Brian, I left this on your youtube video but in case you don't see it:

    Greatest tribute to butter ever, V for Vendetta scene when he makes Evey the Egg in a Basket. Unless it's Proust and his Madelines which of course require copious amounts of butter. Butter makes everything better and anybody who chooses to be a vegan really has NO CLUE.

    Pendantry. Actually. I think it seals our doom. We are not going to stop over-procreating our species, and this video is a great example of why.

  4. Gail,
    Thanks for the comment. My great grandma used to butter the top crust of her pie at Sunday dinner. She lived past 100.

    Here's a funny rant on overpopulation and environment, by one of the best comedians still alive, (which he probably won't be for long):
    Doug Stanhope: Voice of America


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