Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maher to Bristol Palin: Admit it, You Liked it!

Being as how Wit's End so recently posted about unsustainable overpopulation, I have to embed this very funny (and dirty!) clip of Bill Maher's version of the topic - which mercilessly encapsulates in one scathingly comic episode everything that is hypocritical, tawdry, and ecocidal in American politics... because, everybody needs a laugh!

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  1. Bristol says she continued to have sex with Levi because he 'needed' it, and would have gotten it somewhere. Nice morals, girl. And great self-esteem as well. Since Sarah has been such a stellar mom to these children, from her own pregnant before marriage days, to her insisting the Bristol is 'sweet' while knowing she sleeps around, I'd say the evidence is pretty clear to anyone who looks: Sarah Palin is a lousy, unconcerned mother, was a lousy mayor and governor, and would be President for roughly a week before she tweeted to Graham that she 'hates this f***** job' and decides to start a world war, because, golly, she wants to be raptured.


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