Thursday, June 16, 2011

God Makes No Mistakes - You Were Born This Way, Baby!

First is a very funny video I saw after writing yesterday's post (I Blame Prometheus) which harmonizes fortuitously with the enormous futility - matched only by the quixotic imperative to try - to curb human foibles like, say, exponential population growth.  It is from the Voluntary Extinction Movement, which I first endorsed in "Thank you for Not Breeding" from 2009.  My favorite excuse for reproducing, enunciated by a smart-aleck talking cancer cell, is "if we smart ones don't,  then only stupid cancer cells will, and that will make everything worse!" because it is a real attitude I happen to know is harbored by members of the educated younger generation.  It's almost 40 minutes long, so you have to be prepared to settle in - and also be forewarned about some grotesque graphics, which, being a person who has given birth a few times, I didn't exactly appreciate.  As turnabout is fair play I fully expect Wibble, the blogger who embedded this, to sit through the Lady Gaga production that follows, in its entirety.  Hey, at last count 59,595,807 people already have!


  1. The elastic nature of the human genome and the masterful artwork of evolution ensures that even the most amoebic of humans can procreate and spawn brilliance, as evidenced by the millions of valuable people brought into the world by backward, closed-minded bigots. Even if conscientious people give up overpopulating, Earth will craft a few lights in the darkness, as she always has done. Voluntary extinction is still a pretty darn good idea.

  2. I tend to agree, Killing Mother, although I figured that out too late (no regrets I hasten to add!) "Masterful" begs the question, though...Who's the Master?

  3. Gail, I too succumbed to the sin of procreation, also without any regrets. To answer your question, as a true agnostic, I believe the mysteries of the universe are unknowable. Although we have a tremendous ego and pretend that we can know everything, humans are, in the big picture, an insignificant speck of a species, living in obscurity in a far recess of the universe and limited by the confines of said biology to be able to perceive the true nature of reality. All our myths are simply reflections on our own human nature IMHO. Still, it doesn't take a genius to see that the deal we have is pretty good (i.e. life and a glorious planet to live on) if only we would start enjoying it instead of ruining it.

  4. Way cool, Gail. I had heard about (pronounced "vehement")

    Great video. Now I should make a video on their evil devil side: the Apocalyptic Cornucopians - or call them the Apoc-Corns. Apoc-Corns believe we should hyper consume, and drill, baby, drill and spend and plunder, and psycho-deny - totally outrageous - every religion even VHEMT needs to invent its own devil... I give you Apoc-CORN! Wouldn't it make a great drama?

    And I really like Lady Gaga...shocking how creative she is.... I want to suggest to her how neat she would be to have an over-weight 60 year old Apoc-Corn Devil priest on her arm. Give her my name when you next see her, will ya?

    (Unfortunately I mistakenly saw the Wierd Al version before I saw the Lady Gaga hit - warning to all not to see Weird Al first [almost 3 million] )
    I like the VHEMT -- fun.

  5. Through a combination of circumstances* I am not the proud father of any offspring. And as I am now a proud member of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement I'm highly unlikely to ever have any sprogs (even though, admittedly, that was pretty unlikely before** anyway).

    What I find increasingly disturbing is the desire to find a means of not congratulating those of my friends as they become parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, g'great-grandparents and so on without coming across as a total, complete and utter boor.

    And as for 'Master,' it's quite possible that was simply a typo.***


    PS Thanks for the Al Yankovic LadyGaga lampoon, richard. More fun! :)

    * I think it's called, ironically, 'life' :)

    ** I'm told it takes two to tango :D

    *** When god made Man, She was only joking ;)


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