Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sarah Palin - Apocalypse Nut

And now for a break from the regularly scheduled broadcast!  This afternoon will mark "4th daughter" Laura's graduation party from Pratt Institute (congratulations Laura!).  Pending that event, I will temporarily ignore trees dying from ozone, and the cancer, asthma, and other diseases that result from burning gas, coal, and biofuels and instead just post an immortal image from the superbly nimble Newscorpse.   The terrifyingly ignorant quote from Palin has haunted me all week since I first read it in astonishment, so indicative is it of the utter stupidity that pollutes her brain - and an ignorant mindset that hurtles well beyond mere denial, into defiance, as it exposes the willfully dangerous anthropocentrism that threatens to destroy the entire ecosystem...and human civilization with it.  This masterpiece of condensed satire is followed by a video with the exasperated Piper pleading:  "Can we please go-oooow?"  Pulease Sarah?  Gooooo!


  1. Thank you for pointing this out. A lot was made of the sexual innuendo of the remark, and I wondered why she used that word "emissions." Then it dawned on me that emissions are what is regulated by the EPA. I think the word was used very deliberately to express her disdain for that regulatory body.

    Her science teacher father failed her miserably, as she continually demonstrates how ignorant she is of ecosystems, and the interconnectedness of all things on this earth.

  2. Oh, absolutely Turtle Tears, Sarah represents a complete assault on science and regulation on many fronts. I already knew that Sarah is a really scary fundie, but just read the following excerpt at Joe and it reminded me of how destructive the Bush policies were (let's not forget he's a fundie too) and how much worse Sarah "drill baby the smell of emissions" would be. I'm looking forward to publication of his book!

    "Was this the version of American history that Sarah learned in Wasilla public schools, and as the daughter of her schoolteacher/father Chuck Heath? Where she also learned that the earth was only six thousand years old and that men and dinosaurs walked it together?
    Paul Revere didn’t “warn, uh, the British” of anything. He warned our side that the British army was advancing, in order that the rebels of Lexington and Concord would not be taken by surprise.
    Ah, Never mind. If a person truly believes that God has “annointed” and “mantled” her to become president of the U.S. in order to prepare our nation for the imminent return of Jesus Christ (which Sarah does, as I make clear in THE ROGUE,) then what difference does it make whether Paul Revere warned the British or the Americans?
    After all, back then they were all Christians, and that’s what counted.
    And because the end of the world as we know it will occur during Sarah’s lifetime here on earth, pretty soon there won’t be anyone around to remember."

  3. Rapture coming ...


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