Thursday, June 23, 2011

Koch Brothers Want To Steal (the rest of) Your Money

This blog is supposed to be about trees dying from exposure to air pollution, and the ecosystem collapse that will be the inevitable result of their obliteration. But of course that travesty is part and parcel of our system of corrupt capitalism which is entirely dependent  upon continual, immoral, and unsustainable exploitation of the environment - and also people.  That would include everyone other than that top tiny percent, those Masters of the Universe slavedrivers that have been systematically looting wealth and resources for their own profit using every means at their disposal from illegitimate wars to Madison Avenue propaganda. So now and then I feel compelled to post something on that topic, like the video...and these graphs, found at DesdemonaDespair:

Only a pathological illness can explain why the ultra-rich need to consolidate more and more, as if they don't they possess enough yachts and jets and mansions already.  The question is, what is the cure?


  1. Nope, I won't help Bernie Sanders. He's an imposter and political poseur. Look at what he did with the Finance Bill that passed earlier this year. He sold us out and watered it down so that it has no teeth per the Big Banks wishes. He's a pawn and a whore, just like all the rest. He plays his part well giving lip service to injustices, then when the time comes for him to do something about it, he shows his true colors. Relying on politicians to change this is the height of's not the cure, it's part of the disease.

  2. Yes... the term 'captain of industry' is supposed to be an honorific. I cannot think of it as anything but a pejorative.

    The UK government's austerity measures are sold to us along with the slogan "we're all in this together". I'm forced to take a pay freeze; meanwhile, I hear that the richest people in the UK have seen their wealth increase by 18% in the last year.

    "All in it together" my arse.

    The answer? Historically, revolution is the answer when the aristocracy goes completely overboard. But that kind of talk is antipatriotic. Heresy. Treason.

  3. It's not really about yachts and mansions at this point.. these things are mere pocket change for these people. In the end they wish to control the hearts and minds of the people.. and have been going about this methodically for a long long time now.. creating the conditions necessary to bring all under the fold. Essentially enslaving all while the people mistakenly think they are free. They have never been free... and even those so called middle class or upper class individuals that feel they have some measure of freedom will have that methodically taken away eventually.People are slaves, they just don't know it. We've been buying into the system for years to allow it to get to this point.. but its all a sham.. all an illusion. This is not "life".


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