Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Oakland

This is a little long - but it ends with what could in retrospect be the shot heard 'round the world:

The corporatocracy is getting peeved, they are starting to lash back.

Chris Hedges wrote another fascinating article about the Occupy movement, including this quote from Murray Bookchin (whose biography is worth checking out for his thoughts on ecology):

"Radical politics in our time has come to mean the numbing quietude of the polling booth, the deadening platitudes of petition campaigns, car-bumper sloganeering, the contradictory rhetoric of manipulative politicians, the spectator sports of public rallies and finally, the knee-bent, humble plea for small reforms -- in short, the mere shadows of the direct action, embattled commitment, insurgent conflicts, and social idealism that marked every revolutionary project in history. ... What is most terrifying about present-day 'radicalism' is that the piercing cry for 'audacity' -- 'L'audace! L'auduce! Encore l'auduce!' -- that Danton voiced in 1793 on the high tide of the French revolution would simply be puzzling to the self-styled radicals who demurely carry attache cases of memoranda and grant requests into their conference rooms ... and bull horns to their rallies."

This may soon be coming to an end.


  1. Don't know if you've seen this:

    Shot heard around the world, but not so much, it would seem, in the US. I was appalled by the end, although not surprised, having tapped into some other sources on the net. Sent it to folk in the US who didn't know the score. Can't hurt, might help.


  2. Thanks, that is a great article, Serinde...I will post it on the OWS forum for those who haven't seen it!


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