Monday, November 9, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Following are some pictures of fall color in New Jersey that were posted on the web from years past, with links to the original attached. I can't say for certain the exact date they were taken, only the date of uploading is noted. But I think most of them correspond fairly closely to their November dates. In any event, we haven't seen anything like these colors at any time this autumn.Colors of Fall

Colors of Fall Oxford, NJ uploaded November 10, 2007


Stanhope, NJ uploaded November 10 2007

Local orchard in Millville NJ.

Millville, NJ orchard, uploaded November 16, 2005

Fall on the lake

Dennisville, NJ, uploaded Nov. 17, 2007

Fall Colors

Florham Park, uploaded November 16, 2007

colors of bridgewater NJ

Bridgewater, NJ uploaded Nov. 21, 2008 This is of particular interest because it is quite close to Oldwick.

Maple tree, Holmdel, NJ

Maple tree, Holmdel, NJ, uploaded on 10/25/04

Next, what follows are some pictures I took on October 21, 2009
of the typically drab scenery on that date.

And this picture I took this morning, November 10.
Finally, for a dose of humor, check this out!

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