Monday, November 23, 2009

Everything is Ugly

There are the most bilious, putrid colors in the woods, I don't even know how to describe them. New color names must be invented because the blend of sickly green shades on trees mixing with that pale icy blue lichen and black streaks and spilling sap formations is nothing nature has ever produced before. It is apparent from the silhouettes of trees how damaged their limbs are. As I was on my way home looking at this depressing landscape I suddenly realized, I am just like John Clease in this sketch (substitute trees for parrot):

This UN report titled "Common Questions About Climate Change" contains the following intriguing passage in Section 11, "Why Can't Ecosystems Just Adapt?"

"Further complicating the response of many of the Earth's terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems to climate change is the prevalence of stress from other disturbances associated with resource use. In the case of trees, for example, many species are already weakened by air pollution. Increased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will raise the photosynthetic capacity of many plants, but the net effect on ecosystem productivity is unclear, particularly when combined with higher air temperatures or where soil nutrients are limiting."

Thanks to Carbon Fixated for bringing it to my attention. Now, I have to try and track down the original research that is the basis for the statement in bold.

And here's another very compelling quote posted by Cynthia at Climate Progress, from a book written in 1990 by Senator George Mitchell, titled "AWorld on Fire:"

“the die back of forests will start to be noticeable after a rise in temperature of 1.5 degrees, then come with a rush…”
I think, it's rushing NOW!

And here is a report about East Antarctica melting, that is just another example of a warming earth that is far more extreme than was predicted and frankly, should scare the daylights out of any sentient being.

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