Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Redux

In celebration of food, family and friends, a post-holiday feast was held Friday, at the Frenchtown Farm.
The barn is ready for Christmas.
The horses are inquisitive about so many visitors.
The children carry every scrap from the food preparation to feed the pigs.
Our host!
And hostess...
And the assembled guests.
The turkey is carved with the meticulous care of a surgeon.
Since I was busy cooking, the photography was delegated, thanks Sophie and Cindy!
Nana and Doc came down from the Cape to visit their granddaughters.
And Chuck brought his mom and dad, from Kentucky!
Cindy and John were there.
And so was the lovely Laura, 4th daughter.
The makings of a Christmas card, oops, Maxine, SHAME!
People of all ages had a wonderful time.
And the pets enjoyed the attention, and leftover treats!
Which of these is a Republican? Or either of them? We may never know for sure.
There were a variety of delicious cheeses before dinner...
And for dessert, 2 pumpkin pies, pecan tart, and 2 apple and quince tarte tatin.
Yes, things got silly...
But the swan, unperturbed, remains serene in the pond.

Less placid is the situation in the far north, where Arctic Ice is thinner than predicted! Oh, what a surprise!
Image: Polar bear on sea ice

Is the US Department of Agriculture lying to the public about the collapse of crops? Read this and judge for yourself.

I'm sure that the weather is wild, and that causes crop loss. But that doesn't quite explain such widespread damage even in areas where the weather wasn't quite so dramatically different.

The truth will emerge eventually. Meanwhile, it doesn't hurt to stockpile a reserve of staples.

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