Saturday, November 21, 2009

Iraq and Floods and the Rain Forests

This is a terrible article that you won't seen in the US press, about an epidemic of horrific birth defects in Falujah, no doubt related to the toxins from all the bombing we did.

And here is just one of many stories around the globe of extreme and devastating weather events. We should all be prepared for unexpected disruptions!

I saw this video at Dion's blog. It's about 40 minutes long, and has some cool views.


  1. I often complain about videos I can't see because they are US only, but this sounds important enough to show, even if only US people can see it. It might be useful for everyone else, if you do find a non-US video or a transcript. But thanks for raising this.

    This reminds me very much of Vietnam and Agent Orange, and whatever else they used. To this day, I believe more than a quarter of all Vietnamese children are born with birth defects. This is truly the gift that doesn't stop giving. :( I suspect Falujah, and Iraq in general, will be suffering for generations even after the US leaves.

  2. Hey Canada Guy,

    I apologize! But the Iraq story is actually an article, from Australia, not a video. Can you link to it this way?
    It's truly amazing and worth reading. I don't think we've heard the last of this although, that's the first I've heard about the Vietnamese.
    War is so evil, I've never understood the impulse to advocate for it. But, it wouldn't be surprising to see quite a bit more in the future.

    The video is about the rainforest. Maybe the link at Dion's blog will work for you if you want to watch it:

  3. Okay, thanks, I got mixed up with the two topics. Hulu just doesn't work outside the US, but thanks anyway!

    I would agree war is generally evil and usually wrong, but I wouldn't say *all* wars are evil. Certainly WW2 was a war we really had to fight, though I can't think of any since then.


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