Monday, August 31, 2009


Look at all the trees with bare branches in this video!

Sure, California has always had wildfires, and it's having a drought. But if anyplace has ozone and acetaldahyde, it's got to be LA.


  1. This is Sheilaofmiami from HuffPost. you asked.....

    I have long since come to the conclusions that I will meander around here......

    In the desperate need to stop suffering, we have doubled the population of humans since 1950. That is to say most who were alive in 1950 still are and as many again have been born. The planet is designed to support a few hundred million, not SIX BILLION.

    We, the WEST, as it were, are so busy trying to give to the rest of the world what we consider to be so important that we overlook the happiness of cultures as they have been for thousands of years. Who says our compassion is all good and has no ill effects on anything. Yes, survival of the fitest is harsh, and yes it means people like me would not have been born, much less seen 48 years so far. But the planet as a whole could do without me, and all that I am.

    Humans are so busy being superior that we take it as our right to destroy all that we can see and touch, or shoot at.

    We have no regard for what is around us.

    As such, I have studied the "nature" of dogs. The domestic dog is my most dense area of concentration. I own several German Shepherd's, most are, to one extent or another, resuces. But they are also dogs of my own creation, and are my responsibility as such. Had I not bred the dam, I would not have her 3 puppies, now 3 years old.

    Dogs do not have compassion. They do not have loves as defined by Barbara Cartland. They have pack unity and loyalty. Those are earned by dominance, not by consensus. There is teamwork, and there is unity. But there is no second place, you either lead or follow.

    I lead, they follow.

    The planet is doomed for human survival. We have about 150 years left. I tell my boys, now 18 and 17, they are under no obligation to reproduce, but I will support their decision if they do, but not thier kids.

    I no longer have hope, just a desire to keep my dogma riding in my karma until the road comes to an end for me.

  2. Have you tried to correlate the use of ethanol additives in California (I suspect you may find the land of fruits and nuts is on the bleeding edge of exotic fuel mixture requirements) with increases in the frequency, severity, and dispersion of wildfires? Might be a nice science project for someone with access to the data and a relatively current version of Excel.


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