Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Coniferous Pastiche

Our last night in Wellfleet, LOBSTAH! On the grill, with the delectable garlicky and anchovy glaze.

Nana and Doc became a little obsessed with conifers when they moved to Cape Cod, and so they planted many species around their pond and house, some of them quite rare and exotic.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first because I tend to prefer very bright and flamboyant flowers, so the appeal of green upon green seemed limited to me.

However as time has gone on and their garden has matured I have had to recant. The textures and colors are dazzling and endlessly fascinating.

They do allow a few flowers, these lilies are about 8 feet high!

This post is a little celebration of their garden, upon which they have lavished much time and labor.

Goodbye, Doc and Nana, thank you for letting us stay with you in your house for our wonderful vacation.

Here they are with Nana's creepy houseplant that is about 50 years old, and like some virulent untrustworthy creation from the Adams Family, gives all of us regular nightmares of being consumed.

And now on to the purpose of this blog, discerning the agent that is causing trees and plants to shrivel up and die:

Here is an extremely tantalizing snippit I found:

Basically it's saying high levels of ozone make the trees need more water - no wonder then that they show all the symptoms of drought!

And here's a blog sent to me by RPauli (thank you!) which has other interesting and often obscure links:

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