Sunday, August 2, 2009


I can't believe I have been floundering around for so long before finally figuring out that ozone is the main culprit killing vegetation. Plenty of information pops up instantly just by googling "ozone" and "plant". (And thanks to Daniel for putting it front and center for me.) Having said that, it doesn't explain why the authors of these studies aren't shrieking from the rooftops that we are all going to starve to death in very short order if we don't do something DRASTIC to curb greenhouse gas emissions, which, as we all know, humans are producing like there's no tomorrow...oh, wait...

Since it seems these scientists obviously know enough about it to be thoroughly and justifiably alarmed I am going to write to them and ask them why they aren't sounding the alarm.

The following links amply document the method by which tropospheric ozone is created, and its role in harming plants which has an amplifying effect on global warming. I do not believe this has been taken into consideration by models for projecting future changes in climate; nor have I found any more recent studies that document the exponentially increasing damage that is plainly visible.

These pictures - from the US Government! - look exactly like mine:

So rather than uploading yet more examples of dying trees, instead for fun I am going to steal daughter Sophie's pictures from her trip out West!

Click on the bottle to read the label!

This is a reprise of the famous Glasgow Musketeers photo on facebook:
I don't know if this link will work for non-facebook-friends but if not, feel free to friend me so you can see it!


  1. Since the solution to many problems is to end the use of fossil fuel, it is the responsibility of those who understand to bring about the transition.

    Right now I'm working with the regional Beverly Arts Center of Chicago to find funding for alternatives deployment. We have started a replacing fossil fuel association and a 21st Century Energy Fund for the Center. Our motto is Changing the world one watt at a time.

    My idea is that there many, many people willing to come together to make positive change. My hope is to give them a way to do it.

  2. Hi Paul, I checked your newest link today after reading your comment over at Blue Marble - and I think what you are doing is critically important, and vital.

    I hope the response - once people grudgingly accept that we must make huge adjustments whether we like it or not - will be as positive as what you project. My fear is that instead we will have pandemonium.

    The more we can connect (people like you and me, those of us who recognize the dangers), the better we will be able to reach people who come later to the realization that change is inevitable, and experience the freakout that accompanies awakening.

  3. Hi Gail,
    Our next event is the October 20 Beverly Arts Center Energy Fund Comedy and Music Show.

    Since the goal is to purchase alternative solutions for the Center, I am asking everyone who understands the importance of collective action to sponsor a seat and buy a watt of renewable energy. It's a way for people all over the country to participate in real fossil fuel replacement.

    It's easy. Send as little as $1 t0 $10 to the the Arts Center Energy Fund. Google Beverly Arts Center for address.


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