Thursday, August 18, 2011

Filthy Oil Sands

Later this month I'll be heading to Washington (as Mothra!) to protest the Tar Sands Oil pipeline with all the other dignified participants, including this lone, brave climate scientist (may he inspire many others!)  For those who can't make it and are as disinclined as I am to behave with decorum as instructed, here's a very funny and naughty alternative trip - to the Filthy Oil Sands website!  Here you can click on each picture for an audible it were...and get the real dirt on tar sands...

Naturally my favorite sultry breathy admonition is this one (click on the green picture of the trees at the website):

Do you want more? Because I can give you so much more…

Sindy Khrude says: “As demand for oil sands crude grows, so do the sands. In order to meet future production requirements, oil sands developers are scheduled to cut down more than 40, 000 square miles of Canada’s Boreal Forest – the world’s largest terrestrial carbon storehouse and home to the biggest forest wetland ecosystems left on the planet.”

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