Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seismic Activity

I saw this photo on HuffPo, in an article about the potential for more volcanic eruptions. A comment led to this blog, with even more links to information about the potential connection between melting glaciers, drilling, and seismic activity.

Someone named Richard Gerber wrote this comment, which I quite liked: The future of Air Travel is the Solar powered blimp. You can quote me on that. Were going to build them in Detroit, flat topped pyramids as loading platforms a bit like Chichen Itza. I wonder if the Hindenburg was sabotage to eliminate competition. I think GoodYear put that fear to rest in our minds imagine the advertising income potential the passengers could ride for free. If we could switch to Solar Powered Blimps that ride the JET STREAMS taking advantage of Air Power 100 to 400 MPH, they would be oblivious to air born particulates. We could invent wind powered sailing vessels. With everything wind and sun powered we wouldn't need Oil tankers and with mostly local production we wouldn't need huge container ships. We just transport people everywhere to visit each others countries and enjoy nature and different cultures, the hospitality industry will boom, there will be no hurry to get there. The more adventurous could sky dive down to their destinations luggage on a parachute so it doesn't need to stop. The Jet Stream Dirigible Company is just waiting to be founded.

Update: An article in the Guardian explores the potential for geological impacts - "manifold potentially hazardous consequences" - from climate change. Fasten your's going to be a bumpy ride...


  1. catman here

    I know a good idea when I see one:-)

    I hope this idea is all over the net by Tuesday.

    Helium is a bi-product of natural gas production and is a limited resource. Hydrogen will always be abundant but got a bad rap in the Hindenburg tragedy because it was highly flammable lacquer dope painted on the fabric which burned.

  2. Hi Catman! Send me an email pls. to, I have a question for you.

    Doesn't that sound like a wonderful method of travel...almost 0 carbon footprint, and fun and leisurely and sociable.

  3. How do you return up windstream?


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