Monday, January 18, 2010

Carnage, Unmitigated

Today after a brief but very cold and snowy period, the temperature jumped again this winter to over 50 degrees F. In spite of the complaints about cold temperatures, maples are exhibiting the same sort of seepage of sap that I first photographed in a hickory tree here, that is the result of overall warming.
The black bark is hideous, and evil, like Darth Vadar, and the splits in the bark go high up the trunk.
This color of bark is unprecedented and weird. The sap is seeping out.
And the deep saturation makes quite a contrast to the raw brown flesh underneath.
This is evidence of how it is breaking off in chunks.
It reminds me of a condition called elephantitis. We had a horse once, long ago, who died from it. Her skin swelled and split and oozed blood. It was horrible, and so is this.
Below is an update to when I first noticed daffodils emerging in early December.
After extremely cold temperatures, and significant snowfall, guess what?
The intrepid daffodils aren't just still there, they are growing!

Not all vegetative species are as resilient and tenacious. The trees are far more delicately calibrated and we are losing them. This article (found at Des) infuriates me!!

What will it take for people to connect the dots?

It's the atmosphere, folks!


  1. Trees aren't dying in New England because of DROUGHT!!!!!!

  2. Gail, Thanks for all you continue to do. You have taught us to see what is in front of us all, yet seemingly invisible to many. We've seen more of what you report while XC skiing in MA, NH, and VT recently. Keep up the good work. We shall try to help you spread the word.

    P.S. Susan and I have both had trouble posting comments here other than as "Anonymous," FYI.


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