Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

Harrowing reports from the Audubon Society about the decline of many species of birds, the percentages are astronomical. And this is based on an analysis from 2007, so it doesn't even take into account the recent and accelerating death of trees and understory shrubs where birds obtain food, shelter, and build their nests.

People leave comments of their observations on the website, here was mine:

I live in western rural NJ and have noticed since the summer of 2008 that all species of trees are in rapid decline. This includes specimens of all ages, in all locations, both coniferous and deciduous. Shrubs and understory plants are also dying. I attribute this to toxic greenhouse gases, primarily nitrous oxide, sulphur dioxide, and ethanol emissions creating ozone and acid rain. We appear to have reached a critical tipping point where vegetation that has sustained cumulative damage for decades is succumbing to intolerable levels of poison in the atmosphere. Obviously, this spells trouble for birds and in fact there seem to be very few around.

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