Saturday, October 3, 2009

Then and Now

This is a little series of photos taken in August juxtaposed with pictures of the same plants a couple of days ago. By August, just about every leaf on every plant or tree was showing unmistakable signs of poisoning from toxic greenhouse gasses. This snow on the mountain went on to turn completely brown and shriveled.
Then in the last month it put out new growth. Many trees and other plants did so as well. The new growth is spindly, weak and thin, with abnormally long spaces between leaves. Even more peculiar in this case, the snow on the mountain new growth no longer has the light green and white markings that make it such a pretty ground cover. It is all green! Don't ask me to explain, I am not a botanist. But I bet it has something to do with the composition of the atmosphere, and the leaves' ability to photosynthesize, since that is what determines the coloration.
This is a close up view of one of the new leaves, all green but showing the dappled effect that indicates an inability to produce chlorophyll.
This is a remnant of the original growth.
This peony leaf taken a couple of months ago has the characteristic loss of vigor in between veins.
Which has proceeded unabated up to the present date, on the same plant.
Discoloration from gaseous impairment on the delphinium, which has only just started to bloom, quite late.
Now many of the leaves are crippled yellow...
...tinged brown...
...or utterly defeated. And the leaves of Lily of the Valley, in six weeks or so, have gone from seriously impacted to disastrous. This is not frost damage! We haven't been anywhere close to frost. This isn't disease, or insects, or too much rain, or not enough rain, or too hot. This is from toxic greenhouse gas emissions.

Wonder what your lungs look like? You, your loved ones, your children are all breathing in the same witch's brew of pollution these leaves are bathed in.

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