Thursday, October 1, 2009


They've noticed - but haven't figured out why yet.

"We have a tree crew and they are very, very busy right now."


  1. Climaticide! Plantslaughter! Deathanol!

  2. Your methodical inquiry and analysis of the overwhelming evidence is remarkable. Let's hope that it continues to be noticed at an exponential rate. Our planet thanks you.

  3. And thanks to you Mossy and Pa, for all your work and soldiering on despite lack of appreciation from Ohioan relations!

    This story is in amazing congruity with the reports about Sudden Aspen Decline (SAD). In both cases researchers admit they don't know the cause of massive tree deaths, although they speculate on many insects, extreme weather events, fungi and bacterium - but never consider atmospheric poisoning!

    It's time to figure this out because our whole ecosystem and ability to grow crops for food depends on it.


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