Sunday, October 18, 2009

Adventures with the Department of Environmental Prostitution

e360 video The Leveling of Appalachia

Today, I was reading posts from the "climate witness" page, from the website of the World Wildlife Fund, and I am reproducing one below, which speaks, quite eloquently, for itself:
My name is Tiago Ruprecht, I was born in Brazil. I'm an architect and permaculture teacher, and for many years already I've been living in northern Mexico, Monterrey, city that receives the passage of the beautiful monarch butterfly.

Once a year the monarch butterflies migrate from Canada to southern Mexico, and during their amazing migration trip, they are responsible for the cross pollination of thousands of plants along the way, and here where I live, for hundreds of cactus plants.

Due to climate warming, the butterflies leave Canada before time, and when they arrive here in Mexico, it is not spring yet, and therefore, most of the plants haven't opened their flowers yet, and will not be pollinated by the butterflies, this is causing the disappearance of these millenary plants.

Here in my region, the short passage of this beautiful animal is fundamental for the existence of many types of cactaceous plants, which are the only vegetation here, but for some years already we have noticed that many plants are already in extinction, or totally disappeared.

I hope my story interest you, because for us here is really a disaster that the polinization is not being done. Last year I've taken good pictures from the butterflies searching for flowers... but there is none... they are all closed, and unfortunately one week after the monarchs had passed by, the flowers opened waiting for the them to come, but they never came.

Is really sad, and there is nothing we can do here, please help us!

Tiago Ruprecht
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