Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Are All Watermelon Now

Thanks to R. Pauli for sending me this link.

where I found this:

ozone damage on watermelon
Figure 3. Ozone damage on watermelon; notice different degrees of yellowing and necrotic areas as the damage worsens from A through F. Photograph B looks very much like TSSM damage. Photographs courtesy of Gerald Holmes, NCSU Dept of Horticulture.

Yikes, does this look like everything everywhere, or what?! I will be spending days following all the links!

Here is a bit of a message to a friend,

...people cannot bear the pain. They will hold out until the last bitter moment. I am trying, with difficulty, to find a more cosmic, abstract, perhaps molecular meaning to life than what I have always yearned for and delighted in - music, paintings, dance, sex!, food, affectionate pets, FAMILY, starry nights, BOOKS, tears and laughter...

This may well all come down to chemistry at its most basic, and not much else.

To which R. Pauli commented: "But really, what makes humans worth obsessing about?"

We are just big, smart amoebas with finite lives, about to pass along.

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  1. Thank you so much Gail... I just carried along that quote from Richard Bready... but I do have one of my own:
    "I'm not saying we face doom from global warming. I'm just saying there is nothing in the physical sciences that says we can not, and precious little in the social sciences that says we will not"


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